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So there are huge structural problems that make communication and efficiency impossible. It will take years to fix the architecture, after an outsider comes in to tell them how to do it. Tenet sounds like the epitome of a bubbled bureacrat (to whom all brother insidery types on the Commission bow). I didn’t listen to all of it, but why would I–didn’t seem to be much substance. This is getting so old, but how about some new blood and the fixes YESTERDAY. Before I incite a headline, I’m not blaming Tenet for 9/11, but he’s obviously the head of a diasterous ship. Of his making or not, he’s not done the fixing, by his own admission. I love this president, but I have yet to be convinced there is any reason heads have not rolled, and the most obvious ones. Kate gets into this wonderfully elsewhere on NRO today.


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