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Terrorist Recruitment

Liberals sometimes sound as if the only tool for terrorist recruitment is our mis-steps. When the best recruiter is surely terrorist successes. That’s what we saw in Iraq and now we’re seeing it in Pakistan. From the New York Times the other day:

Intelligence officials say the Taliban advances in Swat and Buner, which are closer to Islamabad than to the tribal areas, have already helped Al Qaeda in its recruiting efforts. The officials say the group’s recruiting campaign is currently aimed at young fighters across the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia who are less inclined to plan and carry out far-reaching global attacks and who have focused their energies on more immediate targets.

“They smell blood, and they are intoxicated by the idea of a jihadist takeover in Pakistan,” said Bruce O. Riedel, a former analyst for the C.I.A. who recently led the Obama administration’s policy review of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

By the way, if our abuses are a recruiter, why would you want to advertise them unnecessarily? If you haven’t read Andy’s definitive statement on the issue of the release of the detention photos — already discussed here in the Corner — you really should read it now.


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