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Terrorists, Climate, and Trump.

On Need to Know this week Jay and I welcome the great Steven Hayward of to discuss the elaborate Kabuki show that is about to unfold in Paris — the climate summit. As Steve says, he keeps track of the climate wars so that we don’t have to. He’s so entertaining in the process (love the term “climatistas” that he coined) that it’s fun to get updates from him.   

Jay and I then shift gears to discuss the execrable John Kerry, the non-war on terror, the continuing nervous breakdown on American campuses (the two sides, students and administrators, deserve each other, and yet . . .), shaking hands with dictators, and other subjects before finally settling on, deep sigh, The Donald. If he is the nominee of the Republican Party, the party may well be over in many senses of the word. Still, we’re not panicking. There will be plenty of time for that later. Happy Thanksgiving.


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