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Terrorists Gloat after U.S. Drops Weapons to ISIS By Mistake

Terrorists from the Islamic State gloated over captured weaponry in a video released on Tuesday, after some U.S. airdrops over the besieged Syrian town of Kobani appeared to miss their mark.

Over the weekend, the United States military began dropping weapons, supplied by the Kurdish government in Iraq, to Kurdish fighters battling Islamists for control of the Syrian border town. The Turkish government, with forces just across the border, had refused to allow more direct resupply routes.

But at least one drop appears to have fallen into the hands of Islamic State fighters. A jihadist YouTube account posted a video showing a group of Islamists milling around a large parachuted pallet loaded with weapons.

The materiel — which appear to be hand grenades and rocket-propelled-grenade rounds — could presumably be used against the Kurdish forces in Kobani, but the Pentagon says that it conducted an air strike that destroyed the misplaced drop.

The rest of the drops appeared to have reached their targets, with Kurdish officials on Monday claiming “a large quantity” of weapons and ammunition had been received.


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