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Thank You, Anderson Cooper

I’m in Boston with Catholic Voices USA, the project I’ve been working on with some talented friends to help better make the case for the Catholic Church in the media, and caught the Gosnell segment on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show last night. You can watch it here

There was a lot of alternative-media/social-media focus on the lack of mainstream media focus on the trial on Thursday and Friday. Some folks have responded.

think there might be a lesson here. Is some of the reason the trial wasn’t getting covered bias? It’s an inconvenient look inside abortion clinics? Perhaps. I suspect it played a role in some cases. But it’s also abhorrent. I can see a producer wanting to stay away because people don’t want to hear about the awful details. But the media needs to cover this and we cannot look away. 

Do thank Anderson Cooper if you’re inclined. 

And, for those interested, I’m doing some live-tweet sharing at @kathrynlopez.

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