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Thank You on Annenberg

I’ll have more to say about the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in some follow-up posts, but first I want to express my gratitude to the many readers who contacted UIC to call for release of the records. UIC has now agreed to make these records public. I received cc’s from several hundred emailers, and I have indications that the actual number of messages to UIC may have been in the thousands. I’m also extremely grateful to the radio talk-show hosts, bloggers, and columnists who helped build pressure for release of the records. Although UIC has sought to portray this as a simple misunderstanding. It’s clear from Chicago radio talk-show host, Jerry Agar’s interview with a UIC spokesman that the university and donor were keeping alive the option of UIC giving all the records back. It’s also clear from my initial struggle with library personnel that their schedule for release of the records was several weeks down the road, at the very least. I believe that public scrutiny and pressure foreclosed the options of return or delay and led to swift release of the records. So, again, to all who helped with this battle, a hearty and happy thank you.

Stanley Kurtz — Stanley Kurtz is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

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