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Thank You Cincy

It was a quick trip but a very long day, and I didn’t get much sleep last night. But I just wanted to say thanks to pretty much everyone I met at the Cincinnati Tax Day Tea Party rally yesterday. As I said at the beginning of my speech, a nicer bunch of racists and fascists I’ve never met (in case Media Matters is reading this, that was sarcasm). Everyone was so gracious and friendly and, despite the unfortunate mix up with Hannity and Fox News, extremely psyched to be there. I ended up signing quite a few of Sean’s books by proxy after he went back to New York. I also saw lots of NRO readers. I’ll have more thoughts about the Tea Party in general later. But for now I just wanted to say thanks. It’s not as if I needed to be convinced, but I’m even more convinced that the relentless demonization of these people by the Democratic party and the media amounts to little more than deliberate slander and libel.


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