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Thank You, Kathryn

NRO is a well-oiled machine, in which all concerned–editors, webbies,

advertisers, agents, and of course us ink-stained “content providers”–all

have parts to play. I don’t think it is invidious to observe, though, that

the site would not be what it is, or anything LIKE what it is, without the

tireless efforts of Kathy Lopez. She is with NRO 24/7. When anything

happens–most recently, the capture of Saddam, but most memorably on

9/11–it’s from Kathy that we get the phone call or email. On top of all

that, she yet manages to make important editorial contributions to the print

NR, as well as doing signed articles for other magazines (like this one) and occasional TV appearances. And on top

of all THAT, she is never anything but cheerful and helpful. I’ve known

Kathy for close to 4 years, and have never once seen her with an attitude,

though I have given her good cause once or twice. I wish her joy and

contentment on her Christmas break, with no untoward events to pull her back

to the keyboard. And… THANK YOU, KATHRYN!


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