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Thank You!

My colleague Jessica Vaughn has just written a scathing critique of my 287(g) piece that makes my point completely.

I would challenge Nadler to find a single alien charged with immigration violations by a 287(g)-trained cop who was charged simply for being here illegally.  All of these jurisdictions have policies that say they go after only those charged or taken into custody for other offenses and who are discovered to be removable.  Not for “illegal presence alone.” 

That, Jessica, is a sanctuary policy. There are many more fine examples of sanctuary policies in your paper “Taking back the streets,” which describes how cops offer special amnesty visas to gang bangers who turn on their fellows, and how their “community policing” programs are based on precisely the policy you described above.

I fully approve. You can’t remove real criminals if you antagonize the entire community in which they reside. But really, Mark and you ought to explain your support for sanctuary policies to Center for Immigration Studies subscribers.


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