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Thank You to the Washington Post

(Mike Blake/Reuters)

Kudos to the Washington Post, which has finally managed to describe Florida’s recent curriculum changes accurately:

Uma Menon is a 17-year-old writer and student at Princeton University who attended public schools in Florida, where the state Board of Education just banned public schools from teaching that racism is “embedded in American society and its legal systems in order to uphold the supremacy of white persons.”

This is exactly what Florida has done, which matters a great deal, because it shows that:

(a) the reform outlaws the teaching neither of slavery nor of racism (and, indeed, that it does the polar opposite, mandating that students must be taught about the Holocaust, slavery, segregation, the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement, and about great non-white figures), and

(b) that what Florida has prohibited is not some chimera whipped up by the Koch Brothers, but is pretty close to the literal definition of critical race theory, as outlined by its progenitors.


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