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Thanks to All Who Have Stepped Up

The NR 2016 End-of-Year Webathon marches on, and accumulates along the way not only the generous support of NRO readers but also their kind regards. Let us share.

Big John M sends along a $100 donation and this sentiment “On this Thanksgiving weekend, I am so grateful to NRO and its superb staff of writers! Thanks in particular to Jonah Goldberg, Kevin Williamson, Charles C. W. Cooke, Kat Timpf, Victor Davis Hanson, Mona Charen, Jay Nordinger. When our next Republican president is sworn in, all of you can take great pride in the fact that your words helped achieve this success. Thank you all!” In advance Johnny, you’re welcome! And thanks too.

Suzie M throws some bills in the collection plate and then . . . apologizes: “Thank you for the wonderful, intelligent, very informative news articles. I’ve been a reading for free for quite some time (guilty) and this $15.00 is small but it is the best I can do on my budget. Thank you!!!!” Hey Suzie, we consider every contribution the Widow’s Mite, because nothing is morally owed, and every cent given is without condition or obligation. You rock!

Leigh kindly sends along a Franklin and some praise too: “Take a bow. You cut through the noise most of the time. In today’s environment that’s high praise.” Indeed!

And then there is naughty Lou S, who also sends $100 and news of a plot: “NR helps this conservative AP US History teacher in New Jersey keep up the good fight. I’ve even sneaked things out of NR for my students to read! Sedition!” We have your back Lou. Thanks very much.

And to all others who have given and who are about to give, thank you too. NR truly needs your help. Please donate here. And if you need some inspiration, hear what my colleagues David French and Kat Timpf have to say about the consequence and necessity of National Review.


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