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From a reader:



I thought you’d be interested in a recent Sean Wilentz article, “The Essence of Anarchy.” It’s an interesting (oh, the wonderful ambiguity of that word!) argument about nullification/states’ rights. He makes a few good points, but the take away speaks for itself:


Although not currently concerned with racial supremacy, the consequences of their doctrine [i.e., nullification] would uphold an interpretation of the constitutional division of powers that would permit the majority of any state to reinstate racial segregation and inequality up to the point of enslavement, if it so chose.

It certainly was kind of him to go out of his way to acknowledge that those who think federalism is a tradition worth preserving, or at least considering, aren’t “currently concerned with racial supremacy.” Beyond Wilentz’s ignoring–and effectively misrepresenting–the real argument for repealing the health care legislation, since when are the folks at TNR, and their ilk, worried about consequences?! Anyway, hope you enjoy the article if you get a chance to read it.


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