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Thanks From One Who Serves

From an Air Force captain in Kabul: “So I’m in Afghanistan and sitting in the chow hall eating while watching TV, where they had Mrs. Reagan being escorted to the coffin with the flag draped over it. I was fine until she patted it like she was patting her husband on the shoulder while he slept. Then when she leaned over the coffin and was saying goodbye, I started tearing up. The Russians in front of me (table of 4) noticed and turned around to the TV–up until that moment they’d been joking around and being pretty loud. After watching the TV a few moments, one of them said something quietly in Russian and the other three slowly nodded their heads. I started wiping my glasses with a napkin to cover fact I had to wipe my eyes…then the Russian who’d spoken nodded at me and turned back to the TV. Even these guys know what Reagan did. I wish I could have been there, but I’m sure President Reagan knows all the troops who wish they could be there are doing something more important.”


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