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Thanks For Your Help

Man, I tell you, Corner readers really

come through when you bleg. Thanks to the hundred or so of you who wrote

with your advice on video cameras. I went after work last night to Best Buy

and bought a Sony Mini-DV camcorder, a DCR-TRV22, which was on sale for $599

– the same price as the next-step-down model. The difference, it seems, is

you get a memory stick with which you can take still images. I hadn’t

planned on this feature (I’d been prepared to get the lower-end model), but

with no price difference, hey, why not? I only found out later, reading

reviews online at home, that this model is known for taking grainy still

shots. Oh well. Anyway, I got lots of useful advice from everybody, and I

can’t tell you how grateful I am. Funny thing is nearly everyone who wrote

seemed so knowledgeable and committed to certain formats and models. It was

really hard to choose. It’s like that online, when you do research: there

are a thousand reasons to buy this or that model, and a hundred reasons not

to. It seems that you’re bound to have buyer’s remorse, no matter which way

you go. The good news is that we now have a camera in time for Christmas,

and a month before the birth of little Diocletian, the second Dreher boy.

Mama was worried that I wouldn’t take care of this, and if Mama ain’t happy,

ain’t nobody happy. Mama’s happy now. Thanks, readers, for making that


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