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reporter who wrote that story on Specter’s litmus-test comment is the same reporter who ambushed Rick Santorum a while back and whose husband worked for the Kerry campaign.

So I’d be curious to hear the tape of what was said.

That said, Specter is trouble, and I wonder if this isn’t an opportunity for the Republican party and conservatives. Imagine the power hehe would have over the issues, the president, and the Senate as judiciary chairman. I think he should step aside for the good of the party–or be made too. He still gets to be a troublemaking senator, but not powerful chairman.

Jon Kyl for chairman. Should I make buttons?

And if Specter leaves the party…I can deal with that. So can the GOP in the Senate. And we won’t have to be reminded he’s a Republican hurting the GOP agenda–which is, based on Tuesday’s results, a conservative one–anymore.


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