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That’s More Like It

Unlike Lindsey Graham, Eric Cantor won’t be Obama’s cabana boy:

Mr. Cantor said Republicans should “be very wise about the battles we fight,” but that they should fight every time there’s a principle involved. For example, he disagrees with pundits who say Republicans should forgo issues such as immigration.

“It’s not a dead issue. It’s about how do we go about finally enforcing the law, and that’s both in the interior as well as at the border,” he said, adding that Democrats are likely to overreach if they go for a bill that offers citizenship to illegal immigrants, which he said is “amnesty.”

“This whole notion of comprehensive immigration reform, just like comprehensive Middle East peace, you know, that is too high of a bar. You’ve got to be incremental about it. If they were smart, they’d be incremental about it, but they can’t hold back some of their factions,” he said.


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