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The Case against Kamala Harris

In August, I wrote up a fairly comprehensive case against Kamala Harris — her contempt for the Constitution and the separation of powers, her years-long record of authoritarian impulses, both stated and acted upon, her belief in executive fiat, and her willingness to use the power of government against the civil liberties of those who disagree with her. Quin Hillyer has more thoughts on how Mike Pence could have hit her harder, had he not been so concerned with being civil and polite to a female opponent. Among others: “She has a weird attraction to street protests, so much so that even as Minneapolis was violently burning, she was threatening (“Beware!” she said) that the protests would continue all year, beyond the elections, while she personally raised money for a group posting bail even for Minneapolis murderers.” I agree with his conclusion: “Kamala Harris has neither the judgment, the decency, nor the American values to be vice president, especially for what the oldest president in history. Electing her would be a cataclysmic disaster.”