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The Coercive, Surreptitious Transgender Legal Agenda

A participant lies on a giant Transgender Pride Flag during the Equality March, organized by the LGBT community in Kiev, Ukraine June 23, 2019. (Gleb Garanich/Reuters)

James Kirkup has an important piece over at the Spectator, looking at how transgenderism has “taken hold in so many places so swiftly.”

Kirkup examines a document produced by Dentons, an organization that describes itself as the world’s biggest law firm. The document, entitled “Only adults? Good practices in legal gender recognition for youth,” is “a handbook written by an international law firm and backed by one of the world’s biggest charitable foundations,” according to Kirkup.

In relation to gender laws and policies targeting children, Kirkup highlights some quotes from the document.

  • It is recognized that the requirement for parental consent or the consent of a legal guardian can be restrictive and problematic for minors.

  • States should take action against parents who are obstructing the free development of a young trans person’s identity in refusing to give parental authorization when required.

  • While cultural and political factors play a key role in the approach to be taken, there are certain techniques that emerge as being effective in progressing trans rights in the “good practice” countries.

 [Emphasis added]

 Kirkup asks what it might mean when the authors list “get ahead of the government agenda” as one of these “certain techniques.”

From the document:

In many of the NGO advocacy campaigns that we studied, there were clear benefits where NGOs managed to get ahead of the government and publish progressive legislative proposal before the government had time to develop their own. NGOs need to intervene early in the legislative process and ideally before it has even started. This will give them far greater ability to shape the government agenda and the ultimate proposal than if they intervene after the government has already started to develop its own proposals.

[Emphasis added]

Notably, the authors recommend using “marriage equality,” an issue which “was strongly supported” as a “veil of protection” for gender identity which “remained a more difficult issue to win public support for.”

Strikingly, the authors of the document then suggest “another technique which has been used to great effect” as being “the limitation of press coverage and exposure.”

But why do they want to limit press “coverage and exposure”? What are they so keen to hide?

Kirkup summarizes this highly concerning and “unusual” document:

A major international law firm has helped write a lobbying manual for people who want to change the law to prevent parents having the final say about significant changes in the status of their own children. That manual advises those lobbying for that change to hide their plans behind a ‘veil’ and to make sure that neither the media nor the wider public know much about the changes affecting children that they are seeking to make. Because if the public find out about those changes, they might well object to them.

So if you were wondering how the transgender agenda has been so effective so quickly — this is the answer: Highly skilled and wealthy lobbyists have strategically maintained the ignorance of the general public, largely through media obfuscation and omission, while pursuing a comprehensive, covert and coercive legal strategy.

Read the document — see for yourself. This is not a conservative conspiracy. This is transgender activists in their own words


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