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The Coming Crisis in Sex-Selection Reproduction

Eugenics is alive and well. Alas.

The cultural Left refuses to fight sex-selection abortion, even though most of the gestating babies destroyed are female. For example, even though sex-selection actions are banned in Australia, a doctor was disciplined there when he refused to participate in a sex-selection abortion.

In some countries, eugenic abortion of females has led to serious demographic consequences. For example, in countries such as China and India, there are millions more men than women.

Meanwhile, when embryos are brought into being via IVF, discriminating parents can have them sorted by sex to ensure only the desired embryos are implanted for gestation — which is legal in the USA.

And now, scientists have apparently discovered how to ensure that only male embryos are conceived by slowing the activity of sperm with the X chromosome. From the New Scientist story:

The finding that some chemicals slow down sperm that carry the X chromosome could lead to gels for home use that make a couple less likely to conceive a girl, scientists have warned.

“I am concerned about the social impact of this,” says Alireza Fazeli of Tartu University in Estonia. “It’s so simple. You could start to do it in your bedroom. Nobody would be able to stop you from doing it.”

The product is being investigated for use on livestock. But that’s how we increasingly view human beings, right? The scientists quoted expect such products to become available at drug stores within ten years or so.

Whatever happened to unconditional love of children?


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