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The Creepy Line

It’s well worth taking the time to go over to the NR  home page to read Kyle Smith’s fine article on  The Creepy Line, an important and unsettling new documentary about (mainly) Google and Facebook. I saw the film myself a couple of weeks back (It’s also on, yes, Amazon). To describe The Creepy Line as disturbing is an understatement, but even if you are skeptical about what has happened so far—accusations of bias and so on—the potential for manipulation of the way that information is selected for social media or search engine users is, to say the least, unsettling.

‘Curating’ real news or information online has the capability of being a far subtler and far more effective means of propaganda than the comparative crudity of ‘fake news’. And yet it’s fake news, that perfect excuse for censors on the make, that is grabbing all the attention.

How strange.

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