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The Democratic Panic about the Imminent Demise of Democracy Only Extends So Far

I wrote about the eviction moratorium for Politico today:

Is a president of the United States flagrantly defying the Constitution an authoritarian act? A threat to democracy? Something that at least should be discouraged or frowned upon?

Judging by the reaction of Democrats and center-left commentators to the lawless last-minute decision of President Joe Biden’s CDC to extend an eviction moratorium sure to be struck down in the courts, the answer is emphatically “no.”

At the same time we are constantly being told that, say, a Texas election bill to prohibit drive-through voting or Tucker Carlson’s latest monologue on his influential Fox News program represents dire democratic backsliding, none of Biden’s allies are raising a peep of protest against a measure that represents exactly the sort of high-handed unilateral rule practiced by authoritarians everywhere.

Indeed, Biden’s handiwork is being celebrated as courageous and compassionate. What can he do as follow-up? Suspend habeas corpus? Quarter troops in people’s homes?


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