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The Educational Woke-ocracy

Graduating students take part in commencement exercises at Harvard University in 2017. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)

Bari Weiss’s latest piece, which mainly focuses on a top-tier private school in Los Angeles, Harvard-Westlake, is generating a lot of discussion about the crazed indoctrination techniques of the school system in general. In “The Miseducation of America’s Elites,” published yesterday in the always-excellent City Journal, she writes about how wealthy liberal parents are having severe misgivings about the way their children are being bombarded with obviously racist ideas about the supposed perfidy attached merely to being white. “They worry,” writes Weiss, “that the school’s new plan to become an ‘anti-racist institution’—unveiled this July, in a 20-page document—is making their kids fixate on race and attach importance to it in ways that strike them as grotesque.”

The problem for these parents is that they can’t bear to give up the prestige value of schools like Harvard-Westlake, which they believe will bring their children acceptance letters to the finest colleges and ease their paths to the good life. So Weiss says none of the parents she spoke to would even allow their names to be published for fear of retribution being visited on their children. The strategy is: Play along with whatever nonsense the educational establishment is teaching. Put up with literally anything they say. All humiliations must be borne in pursuit of that holy prestige-college degree.

Conservatives, moderates, and the burgeoning ranks of non-woke liberals are going to have to have to join up and do something. If bands of major donors got together and insisted on reform, they could steer their schools back on the right course. Failing that, they could form their own new institutions. The present course is too ghastly to contemplate.


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