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National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr. (National Review)

NR’s fall webathon is about to touch, and hopefully surpass, a milestone, but we need your help to get there.

As of this writing, the tally shows somewhere north of $96,000. Can we get to five zeros, to a cool $100,000? We sure hope so.

Many of you already have opened your wallets, your purses, your man-bags, or however you carry your currency and have contributed generously to our cause.

Here is but a sampling of the words of encouragement to accompany the coin:

“My small contribution for the never ending battle against dangerous, utopian visions of what government should/can do,” writes Martha, kicking in a grand. Wowza, that is grand indeed.

Craig throws $300 in the kitty with some happy-warrior advice: “Keep up the Good work and do not be dismayed, we will prevail.”

And one anonymous donor sends along $500 to help this “already outrageously talented team.” We are blushing, and our mothers are kvelling.

We thank you.

No donation is too small, or too large, or too just-right. NR’s writers, as part of this buck-raising marathon, have provided ample examples of the work we do with these resources.

So if the spirit moves you, that link, again, is here.

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