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The Great James L. Buckley, Still Great

At the National Conservatism conference in Washington, ambling amidst the crowd is James L. Buckley, much revered in these parts — and all parts of the conservative movement — hero-worshipped as he passes by, smiling and humble, some of us knowing we are in the presence of a truly great American. Earlier today, this correspondent was invited to a lunch at the headquarters of The Fund for the American Studies, featuring the retired federal jurist discussing federalism — referring to the remarks he gave at the recent NRI Ideas Summit — with a group of law students (he is pictured here with, to his left, TFAS president Roger Ream). It was a wonderful gathering, with His Honor making a profound defense of constitutional originalism, and in particular expressing his admiration for Justice Clarence Thomas.

James L. Buckley (Jack Fowler)

Read his remarks to get a flavor of what he told the young lawyers. And if you cannot get enough of this unique American, and are inclined to nostalgia, you may enjoy this 1971 Firing Line episode, in which younger brother Bill interviews his recently elected older brother. It’s a terrific slice of American and conservative history.

And think about attending the forthcoming (September 12th in NYC) TFAS Journalism Awards Dinner.

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