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The Guard Is Always Changing at the New York Times

Author and presidential historian Tevi Troy reminds me of a quote from the late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in a 1970 memo to President Nixon about the changing nature of the news media in that era, particularly at the New York Times under Abe Rosenthal: “Every time one of [the veterans] goes and is replaced by a new recruit from the Harvard Crimson or whatever, the Maoist faction on West 43d Street gets one more vote. No one else applies.”

Fifty years later, James Bennet — younger brother of Democratic senator Michael Bennet, formerly of The New Republic and Washington Monthly, who set limits on the usage of the term “terrorists” to describe Palestinians attacking Israel, whose editorials were consistently progressive and consistently scathing of the Trump administration, who said he believed the Trump administration represented an attack on the core values of the country — is now the old establishment, driven out by the “Maoist faction.”


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