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‘The Humiliating Art of the Woke Apology’

Charlie wrote over the weekend about the extraordinary apology by Donald McNeil of the New York Times on his way out the door for an innocent exchange with students. (Lesson to anyone trying to make a career in an elite institutions: Have as little to do with students as possible and, when it’s unavoidable, assume that everything you say can and will be used against you.)

I wrote today about these kinds of woke apologies as a general matter.

The takeaway:

There is one factor that undergirds every aspect of these apologies — it is fear, fear of the cultural power of the accusers, of their ability to ruin careers, reputations, and lives. These kinds of confessions aren’t wrung from the accused under threat of torture or exile. But they are in some real sense coerced, which is why they ring so false and are so alarming in a free society.


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