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The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal Isn’t Going Away

“Jane Doe 15,” who accuses the late financier Jeffrey Epstein of sexually abusing her when she was a child, speaks at a news conference along with her lawyer Gloria Allred in Los Angeles, California, November 18, 2019. (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

Prince Andrew seemed to think that he could get himself off the hook by saying that his biggest mistake in hanging around with Jeffrey Epstein was that he behaved “too honorably.” Elsewhere in the United Kingdom, Lady Colin Campbell argued with television interviewers that Epstein’s sex with 14-year-olds does not mean he was a pedophile, and that a charge of “soliciting sex from a minor” is “not the same thing as paedophilia.” That is the sort of comment that makes you wonder if the family trees of British elites split enough times.

Still, at least Prince Andrew agreed to an on-camera interview. Bill Clinton has never done an interview discussing his friendship with Epstein. Clinton doesn’t do many interviews anymore; he has never taken a question from any reporter on his relationship with Epstein. The one written statement Clinton released in July after Epstein was arrested again claimed Clinton had taken four trips on Epstein’s airplane; what he left out is that flight manifests show those “four trips” consisted of six multi-stop journeys that consisted of 27 flights.

In other Epstein news, two federal Bureau of Prisons employees are expected to be charged Tuesday in connection to their alleged failure to check on him on the night he died.

This morning, Maria Farmer, who accused Epstein of sexually assaulting her in 1996, told CBS News that she reported her assault to the FBI, but it wasn’t for another decade, just before Epstein’s first arrest in 2006, that an agent finally appeared at her door, she said. And they never followed up.

Separately, “Jane Doe 15,” represented by Gloria Allred, contended that Epstein raped her when she was 15. According to her account, he invited her onto his jet, and she added, “When I chose a seat on the jet, Jeffrey told me that is where his good friend Bill Clinton always chooses to sit.”

She said during her press conference, “Jeffrey Epstein was only a small part of an insidious system of privilege that exploits children as sexual commodities and robs them of their youth.”

Meanwhile, ABC News has never issued more than a pro forma explanation about why ABC anchor Amy Robach vented on camera about her interview with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts that network executives refused to air. Robach alleged that ABC was afraid it wouldn’t be able to interview Prince William and spouse Kate Middleton if they ran the story on Roberts, so they “quashed the story.” After Project Veritas uncovered Robach’s comments, ABC News vigorously pursued the employee who leaked the video . . . and not any of Robach’s allegations.

Sunday, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy wrote to James Goldston, the president of ABC News, listing six demands, including a copy of the Robach interview with Roberts, details explaining why ABC never ran the story, and whether or not ABC alerted authorities at the time over the allegations in the interview.

Gee, it is so odd that Americans believe conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s death, isn’t it? Particularly when so many wealthy and powerful people are so forthcoming, honest, direct, and clear about what happened and why.


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