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The Last Hours Are Upon Us, So Saddle Up, You Procrastinators Who Detest Socialism

There are a few hours left in our mini webathon effort, intent on raising funds to supplement NR’s everlasting effort to beat back the Socialist aggression, manifested of late in the march to nomination by Bernie Sanders. Nearly 300 good souls have figured that they too have a piece of this fight, and while we have surpassed our goal, the fact is that it was set crazy low (relative to our demanding needs). So we push on until midnight, keyed up by the outpouring of generosity and attending messages of good cheer and the sound of CHARGE!

  • Daniel sends 180 bucks of kindness and words of hope and warning: “Good luck. Bernie ‘Jeremy Corbin’ Sanders will change the USA for the worse, as Corbin would have changed GB.” Hell no to that! Thanks, Daniel.
  • Dear sweet Barbara tosses $100 thisaway and accompanies a note that elicits a shudder: “In 1996 we adopted 3 little Russian girls, and we felt like we had won the lottery! We also thought we were saving our children from the evils of socialism. But we never would have believed that socialism would follow us home and we’d be fighting it in 2020! Continue to fight the good fight!” You rock, Barbara – this is very inspiring.
  • Rebecca tenders $50 and some hard truth: “What is most terrifying about a Bernie candidacy is that it will move socialism into the realm of acceptable policy ideas. Voters with economic grievances need to be educated that the best way to address those grievances is not to have the government (i.e., other taxpayers) pay for their health care, their college, and their debt, or supply them with a job. These voters need to understand that government solutions will rob them of their agency and, ultimately, their liberty.” Over our dead bodies! Thanks so much.
  • Tim spots NR a welcome C note and says what is on all of our minds: “I thought socialism / Communism was finished after November 1989, but like the pure evil character in horror movies, it just will not die, no matter how many times we vanquish it. Keep up the fight! And thank you all.” Eternal vigilance happens when we have you at our side, Tim. We are thrilled to be your comrade in arms.
  • Rafal has lived this nightmare, so his meaningful $100 comes with a peak into reality: “I experienced socialism first hand. Yes, it’s social justice at its finest when you see a janitor, a teacher, a university professor, and an army colonel all queuing up around the block, waiting patiently to get their hands on the allotment of meat, or sugar, or flour, or the (not-so-proverbial) toilet paper. And yet, of course, there were some animals more equal than others. May this immoral aberration of humanity never happen again.” Not with us fighting together it won’t. Thanks so much, Rafal.
  • Joseph’s $200 comes with dead-on sarcasm: “The risk of letting this truly mad man win either the nomination or the presidency is far greater than the benefit I will get from this $200. And if he becomes president this $200 wouldn’t buy me a dozen eggs, so use it before we lose it!” Madness beckons, which is why we fight, and why we are thrilled to say thanks to you, Joe.

Socialism is a rotten thing, the enemy of freedom. It just happens to have talented siren-song marketers who enchant with a tale of equality, all the while omitting the facts of terror and depredation, of hunger and intolerance. This Karl Marx wannabe from Vermont, who has become the standard-bearer for a party that is wholly owned by the global Left, is having too much success injecting a virus into the body politic. We aim to stop him. And we do that confident that many NR readers are intent on the same. Please help. No amount is meager  or small: a sawbuck or $25, $50, or $100, or even a grand or more (some have done that!) will do so very much to help fortify NR in its fight, and earn you prestigious membership in the band of brothers and sisters who are insistent on battling Bernie’s Socialism. Donate here. If you prefer to send your contribution by mail, make your check payable to “National Review” and send it to: National Review, ATTN: Defeat Socialism, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. Many thanks and God bless!