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The May 3, 2021, Issue of National Review is Live!

Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station.

The new issue of NR is out — live on the Web, shooting through the pneumatic tubes toward your mailbox, accessible via the mobile device and/or tablet of your choice, and coming to a newsstand near you. I suppose you could even head over to your local public library and find it in the periodicals section.

What’s in this thing? Well, stand by for NR editor-in-chief Rich Lowry’s epic takedown of the Mistress of Propaganda, the Queen Bee of Agitprop, the Fount of Disinformation, a.k.a., Georgia’s Stacey Abrams.

“Abrams,” Rich writes, “is treated as an authority on all matters related to voting, when, in reality, the beginning of wisdom on such questions is realizing how utterly wrong she is.”

If you’ve ever stopped to ponder just how weird it is for the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN to sanctify Abrams after she refused to concede Georgia’s 2020 gubernatorial election while — justly — criticizing a certain former president for doing the same thing, you’ll want to read this article.

It’s always, and I do mean always, Infrastructure Week to American politicians. They’re going to spend your money to build you stuff that you may or may not have asked for — but do any of these boondoggles make any sense? Roving correspondent Kevin Williamson tackles our national addiction to spending other people’s money on shovel-ready projects in “Infrastructure in Theory and Practice.”

As Joe Biden loads his federal money howitzer and touts his newer new New Deal, is he setting himself up to be the next LBJ or FDR? No, writes Ramesh Ponnurru, Biden isn’t even setting himself up to be the next Obama. Check out “Biden’s Stalled Revolution.”

Elsewhere in this issue, Ross Douthat looks at the strangely normal action hero in the new film Nobody, Joseph Epstein reviews a new book on Julius Caesar’s famous assassins, Michael Brendan Dougherty defends your front lawn from the eco-radicals, Perry Link indicts the Chinese Communist Party for its attempts to destroy the ancient traditions of Chinese culture and custom, Jay Nordlinger breaks down what makes a good TV theme song, and Oren Cass and Richard Oyeniran explain how the United States must retake the lead in the great 21st-century semiconductor race.

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