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The Opioid Shakedown

Wise words from ACSH’s Josh Bloom on the opioid shakedown:

Once this mess is in the rearview mirror and Americans have moved on the next drug of choice (and they always do), the results will be predictable:

+ A bunch of rich lawyers

+ States grabbing what they can and spending it on . . . who knows.

+ Good luck trying to find a company insane enough to manufacture opioids.

+ Good luck trying to find a doctor who is brave enough to write prescriptions for the opioids that won’t be available.

+ Wait until you see what the pills cost, assuming you can get them at all.

In other words “[t]here will be pain in the form of pain”.

And so the drug wars roll on, from (on any decent measure) failure to failure, enriching more vultures, trashing civil rights, turning yet another manageable problem into a crisis, and, yes, adding to misery and to a death toll that could be a fraction of what it now is.

Alfred Einstein (allegedly):

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.


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