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The ‘Peaceful Transition’ Hysteria

Not a single journalist or politician in hysterics on the social media right now — most of them having spent four straight years delegitimizing the presidency and the attacking constitutional order — actually believes Trump won’t leave office peacefully if he loses the election. It’s all an act. Trump, of course, gives his opposition endless ammunition to engage in these group fantasies with his reckless answers. For four years now every dumb tweet and comment turns from a legitimate opening for criticism of Trump into a hyperbolic Resistance fever dream about HITLER. The asymmetrical reaction is unbearably hypocritical. Democrats have spent weeks — years, really — contending that Trump simply can’t win the election legitimately. They claimed, without any genuine evidence, that he never won it in the first place. Hillary Clinton instructed Biden that he shouldn’t concede “under any circumstance.” In their “war games,” Democrats were happy to let the military decide the election after convincing governors to threaten secession. During the impeachment trial, Democrats argued that if Republicans didn’t remove the president, the 2020 seat was already stolen. So spare us the theatrics.


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