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The Pick Matters

While we wait to hear the name of Joe Biden’s running mate, I just want to reiterate the point.

Biden’s basement-style campaign means that every word he says in public, and every decision he makes has more weight. It’s the exact opposite of Trump’s 2016 approach, in which a motormouth campaign that seemed to be streaming 24/7 on cable news made everything he said weightless.

It’s an important choice. You can’t see a video of Biden these days without thinking: “His veep pick really matters!” One poll shows that more than half the public believes Biden will not serve the full length of his first term.

And I think this means it’s impossible to make a “correct” pick. Someone who has too large a profile will look too much like a president-in-waiting and overshadow Biden. Someone without a large profile, or too far to his left, will make Biden look like he’s taking the risk of marooning the country with a president who doesn’t have legitimacy.

The pick matters so much because Biden’s age, energy level, and health matters.


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