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The Reading Machine

An unidentified man engaged in a pastime, namely reading (Pixabay)

Grant Starrett has been a guest of mine on Q&A before — talking politics and campaigns. Grant is a lawyer, businessman, politico, and philosophe. He’s also an old friend of mine. On a new Q&A, we talk books and the reading life — because Grant is a big reader, a reading machine. His pace is astounding. He reads books of many types, with concentrations on history, business, and policy. He details his reading at his website,, and offers reviews, accompanied by cartoons (of his own drawing).

We all make investments of time. Grant has thought a lot about this important question. He has made a decision to devote a lot of his time to book-reading. Me, I read a lot of journalism, and I also write a lot of journalism. This means fewer books, both read and written. Is that a wise choice? I don’t know. I like what I do (as evidenced by the fact that I do it, I suppose).

Grant Starrett is a joy to talk to, and you can learn from him (which is part of the joy). Again, check him out here.


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