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The Sales Window for Trump Tell-Alls Could Be Closing Soon . . .

Much like John Bolton last month, Mary Trump, the president’s niece, is out with a new tell-all book declaring that President Trump is an awful human being who cannot be trusted with the presidency — he’s “cheating as a way of life,” he’s a “sociopath,” he allegedly hired someone else to take the SAT for him, and so on.

Clearly, Mary Trump believes this is information that all Americans absolutely need to know about their president as they contemplate their decision in November . . . after paying $28 for hardcover or $14.99 for the Kindle version.

The Washington Post notes that since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, Mary Trump “does not appear to have said anything publicly about him.” A cynic might conclude that Trump may be an ex-president on the afternoon of January 20, and so the opportunity to write a book like this — and the market for it — may dry up soon. If you’ve got the material for a tell-all book about this president, you might as well sell your books now.


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