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The Same Old Joe Biden

President Joe Biden announces changes to the main coronavirus aid program for small businesses during brief remarks at the White House, February 22, 2021. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Did that just-completed press conference count as Biden’s “new verbal discipline”?

Biden argued that the filibuster that he once passionately defended was a relic of the Jim Crow era. He contended that current legislative efforts to reduce voting days “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle,” whatever that means. He argued that the Trump administration’s policies did nothing to deter or slow the flow of migrants across the U.S.–Mexico border, and contended that the increase since his inauguration is coincidental. He insisted, “We’re sending back the vast majority of families who are coming,” when the actual percentage is about 13 percent.

Biden — who told us he was ready on day one, the most experienced incoming president in a generation — more or less said his policy on removing all troops from Afghanistan is “to be determined.”

Biden contended, “I’m uniting the country,” when his approval rating is 54 percent and his disapproval is 39 percent. He suggested that the Republican Party might not exist by 2024.

Biden is his usual garrulous, meandering, cliche-loving 78-year-old self. He’s always going to be convinced he’s saving “the soul of America,” that his critics are so unfair and impatient, that the expectations are so high, and that there’s no gap between what he’s promised and what he’s delivered. No one will ever give him a break, no matter how many times he makes the request. The man will never come on, no matter how many times Biden requests him.


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