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The Sexual Revolution Wasn’t about Freedom

I’ll be talking with Fr. Gerry Murray tonight in Manhattan and unpacking a little bit about a powerful quote.

From Bernanos: An Ecclesial Existence by Hans Urs von Balthasar:

Impurity and unchasteness are not merely an external obstacle to pure knowledge untroubled by the senses: they are, in fact, the internal destruction of the light that shines only in God. Unchasteness is secretly the same thing as unbelief, for faith is the evidence and knowledge of things in God, not in man himself, while unchasteness is one and the same as the curiosity to know oneself and all things only in oneself. Unchasteness is also one with madness, because reason remains intact only when it transcends itself in the direction of God. Why don’t we realize more often that the mask of pleasure, stripped of all hypocrisy, is precisely the mask of anguish?

We are so cruel to young people when we don’t invite them to live differently than Planned Parenthood profits from.


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