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The Suburbs Issue: Trump and Carson Speak

Houses in the Denver, Colo., suburb of Superior in 2006. (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

President Trump and Secretary Carson have co-authored a strong op-ed entitled “We’ll Protect America’s Suburbs.” This piece is the administration’s most important attempt to date to break the media blockade on substantive discussion of the suburbs issue. Up to this point, instead of exploring the implications of Biden’s housing plans — including his promise to restore the AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) regulation, and to kill single-family zoning by withholding road repairs from suburbs — the media has cried racism instead.

As Trump and Carson point out, however, Westchester County (the Obama–Biden administration’s dry run for AFFH) was never found guilty of housing discrimination. Indeed, such discrimination was never even alleged. AFFH as used by the Obama–Biden administration was never actually about ending housing discrimination. AFFH was — and remains — a massive social-engineering plan designed to tell Americans where and how to live. It will effectively put an end to local government in this country.

Trump and Carson also helpfully note how fully the abolition of single-family zoning has been incorporated into the Democratic Party’s policy wish-list. Blue Oregon abolished single-family zoning last year, as did Minneapolis just a few months before it voted to abolish its police force. The state senator who represents Nancy Pelosi’s district is pushing a menu of anti-suburban policies on California right now — very much including the end of single-family zoning. If the Democrats take power, an anti-suburban revolution is high on their wish list.

That means the suburbs issue deserves substantive discussion during this election campaign. With this powerful opinion piece by President Trump and Secretary Carson, a real debate may have just begun.


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