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The Troops Rally: Our Webathon Update . . . 30 Hours and $40K to Go

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

The flash Webathon to help provide NR with material assistance as we counterattack the Left’s assault on America has been blessed by more than 800 donors, God love each and every one, contributing (as we file this) an astonishing $87,000 toward our (new!) goal of $125,000, which we hope to reach (surpass?!) by midnight tomorrow. Why the donations? Because our subscribers and readers and friends will be damned if they sit by and watch these violent leftist misfits and totalitarians torment and destroy America. That’s the collective explanation, subjectively concluded by this writer. But maybe it’s best to let the actual donors say why they fight, via NR, in their own words. Some examples:

  • George spots us $50 and admits to knuckling under: “Ouch! Uncle! You’ve finally hit me in the conscience. I’ve been an NRO Plus subscriber for a while and have figured that I was paying the freight that way. But I see now more is needed, even a modest more. Keep up the fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!” We’ve got the capes!
  • Stephen finds a twenty and sends it our way, attached to which is this sentiment: “Not only yesterday and today was and is NR important, but it is crucial for us to sustain hope and pray for a blessed future.” We’ll get on our knees to do that, Stephen. Thanks.
  • We’ll call him Rob, and this is true: He donates $18,000. And explains why: “At times such as these, it is comforting to have NR in the world. You are a candle in the darkness, and a single candle in the darkness can be seen for miles. Yasser koach! G-d bless!” He has blessed up with a friend like you, Rob.
  • Josephine, north of the border, sends $50 south. “As a Canadian, I watch the events unfolding in America with horror. My husband and I have travelled extensively in the U.S. via travel trailer over the last five years and have always been met with civility and friendliness from everyone, even as the country appeared to become more divided. That divisiveness was never apparent to us outside of the media and the Twitter sphere. Ordinary people simply went about with their lives and treated each other as human beings, fellow citizens, and neighbours. What is happening now is incomprehensible to us. However, the only reporting and analysis I trust on it comes from National Review. Thank you for your honesty and the quality of the articles produced by your many excellent writers.”
  • Todd forks over 100 kind bucks and tells Rich Lowry about the bad old days: “Rich — you and the rest of the folks on the NR team, keep up the good fight. It is indeed alarming out there. I can remember the late ’60s and early ’70s tolerably well, and that vibe is with us again. I keep telling my son that it was ugly for a while at that point, but eventually we got the ’80s, RWR, and the end of the USSR. . . . Here’s hoping there’s something comparable around the next bend in the road (though I am not taking bets at present).”
  • Jacob’s gift of $20 comes with a strong appeal: “With a hope that is sincere and a genuine longing for my country’s path to be a moral one. Though in capacity I fear it is not near enough to effect any change for the direction in which we are headed, as a matter of principle for all that is sacred, I besiege you to press on.” No need to besiege us, Jacob — thanks for your generosity.
  • Peter contributes a sorely needed $200 and offers a perfect rationale: “Given in memory of WFB.” Sooo right, Peter. Thanks.

WWWFBD? What Would WFB Do? He’d no doubt say — as he did himself in the ’60s when the violent leftists felt their oats through burning and looting and thought-policing — fight. Fight with every ounce of energy. And maybe even this: Take no quarter.

Speaking of quarters — would you consider donating 100 ($25) or 200 ($50) or 400 ($100)? Let me repeat a statement made in a prior appeal: We appreciate all who join us because we know we have not an iota of moral claim on your selflessness. This effort runs through tomorrow night, and we very much hope to raise $125,000 when all is said and done. We’re 70 percent of the way there and asking you to help us get that final chunk. Where to make that happen?  Donate here. If you prefer to send your kindness by mail, make your check payable to “National Review” and send it to: National Review, ATTN: Defeat the Left, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. With you alongside us, it would be an honor to fight.


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