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The Trump Rallies Don’t Pack the Media Punch They Used To

Trump is back to doing his rallies, which he enjoys perhaps more than anything else about his job. They are his signature event, key to messaging and organizing, and whenever he exits the political stage, they will be remembered as his distinctive contribution to this era (together with his Twitter feed). But the rallies don’t garner the same kind of media attention they used to. Mike Allen noted yesterday how Trump held a “packed-in, largely maskless rally last night in Johnstown, Pa., which even Fox News and C-SPAN decided against airing live. (C-SPAN 3 went with a Wendell Willkie event from 1940.)” This is a contrast to 2016 when Trump rallies were irresistible catnip to all media and allowed the candidate to dominate the information environment by, among other things, simply getting as many of these events as possible onto his schedule.


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