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The War on Retirement

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In this sharp AIER essay, James Harrigan and Antony Davies explore the federal government’s horribly destructive policies with respect to retirement.

They explain how the government’s initial, supposedly well-intentioned, intervention — Social Security — has inexorably led to a host of subsequent changes that are gradually turning retirement into dependence on the state.

Write Harrigan and Davies, “The War on Retirement shares much in common with an actual war: World War I. A Serbian killed the nephew of the Austro-Hungarian emperor, causing the empire to declare war on Serbia. But Russia was allied with Serbia, and the declaration forced Russia to mobilize. That caused Germany to declare war on Russia, which in turn caused France to declare war on Germany. World War I shouldn’t have happened. It was an unintended cascade of what should have been isolated events. So too the War on Retirement. The government never intended to wage war on retirees, but it has set in motion policies that, collectively, do just that.”

Read the whole thing.

“Progressives” don’t want a nation of independent people. They want obedient supplicants. This is one of their most devastating policies.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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