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The Wayfair Walkout

Madeline Howard, Wayfair Product Manager, leads the demonstration by Wayfair employees protesting the company’s sales of beds and furniture to border detention facilities, in Boston, Mass., June 26, 2019. (Faith Ninivaggi/Reuters)

Children shouldn’t be sleeping on concrete floors, migrants or otherwise.

Death-row inmates get beds. Juvenile delinquents get beds. Your HR manager’s cat has a bed. Children should have beds, and it isn’t okay that they don’t because Obama did it too, their parents are showing flagrant disregard for our laws, or concerns about demographic change.

That said: A group of employees from the furniture company Wayfair are so disheartened by their company’s business relationship with detention facilities for would-be migrants that they are “walking out” today in protest. Incensed at the thought of children sleeping on dirty floors, the employees are demanding that Wayfair cease doing business with these detention centers and stop providing beds . . . for the kids sleeping on dirty floors.

While the kids might not sleep any better at night, Wayfair employees will — which is the point. The burgeoning genre of effete corporate liberals play-acting as Freedom Riders is not so much about making a difference as much as it is about “making a difference.” Catharsis and the expiation of guilt are themselves the reward.

No peace, no sleep? Even for the kids, it seems.

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