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In Their Face

From a reader:

The reader who felt that naming Mary Cheney was harmless since she was out anyway and there’s nothing shameful about being gay has missed the point: Kerry and Edwards were throwing it in her parents’ faces.

We don’t know what pain they may have gone through, and accepting something is a far cry from not wishing one bit that it were otherwise.

There are some things you just don’t bring up to people. If they want to bring it up, that’s different. Everybody in the room may know that someone present has a family member who is profoundly retarded, or–less innocently–a drunken gambling addict cheating on a spouse. But you don’t bring it up.

When Cheney thanked Edwards for his kind remarks, I think he was just doing the gentlemanly thing. He rightly perceived it as the overly personal remark it was.

Where on earth did these two supposedly upper-class men learn their manners?