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Them V. Us

From a (gay) reader:


The thing you have to understand is the complete and utter narcissistic

victimology that is 90% of gay culture today.  As a gay man myself, it

frequently disgusts me that our subculture’s empowerment has come at the

expense of taste, morals, and common courtesy.  Since we were treated

badly in the past, the feeling goes, we have the right to act any way we

see fit.  In a spectacular display of over-compensation, we have

rejected the social standards that said we were filthy deviants, and now

we perceive ourselves as faultless saints.  If it’s gay, no matter how

decadent, it’s okay. 

Gerry Studds and Jim McGreevy were given free passes because they were

’victims’ of the old standards (which no longer exist, but that has no

bearing on our fault process–like those in favor of reparations for

slavery, you are going to have to pay for calling us ‘faggots’ for the

rest of eternity).  However, Foley’s crimes are too much to bear,

because he belongs to Republican Party, which is Our Enemy. 

I get this “us or them” treatment all the time when I declare that I

don’t decide where to cast my vote solely based on whose party platform

trumpets gay rights, or the fact that even though I think we should be

married, I think that it shouldn’t be imposed by the courts, etc.  Most

of the responses from gay people are going to be heavily influence by

this type of reactionary blather; even I feel it, as I bristle at things

that JPod, you or Derb say that seems to be slights to gay people.  It’s

an emotional reaction, not a rational one.

Even so, fear not.  You guys at the Corner do have your gay fans,

believe it or not.  This one would just like this spectacular display of

grossness to go away.  While the misbehavior of Foley and the slothful

attitude of Congressional leaders is repulsive, the double standards of

gay and liberal punditry is just as stomach-churning.


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