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Yet more evidence of the privileged status of Islam within the UK. The Sun is reporting that a local government authority has (more or less) reserved a taxpayer-funded swimming pool on Sunday afternoons for “Muslim-only” sessions.

“All women are banned — and non-Muslim men may swim IF they follow the strict Islamic dress code of swim shorts that hide the navel and extend below the knee. Croydon Council in South London runs the sessions at Thornton Heath leisure centre between 4.45pm and 6.45pm.Similar slots are laid on for Muslim women outside opening hours, where bathers must be covered from the neck down to the ankle.”

A spokesman for Croydon Mosque has defended the move:

“Muslims are not allowed to show off intimate parts of their body. This is non-negotiable. Muslims have as much right to go swimming as anyone else.”

Blogger and martyr Cranmer is, correctly, unimpressed:

“Indeed they do, sir, indeed they do [have the right to go swimming]. But everyone else also has as much right to go swimming when they wish to do so. This is the United Kingdom, and nothing is ‘non-negotiable’ in its liberal democratic tradition.”

And so, bit by bit, Britain comes closer to disaster.


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