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There Are Flops, And Then There Is “Redacted”

Brian De Palma’s “Redacted,” the Iraqi war movie that won the best director prize at the Venice Film Festival but has been dismissed as loathsome and awful in other circles, has been in theaters – okay, 15 theaters – nationwide for three weeks now. According to BoxOfficeMojo, during that time it has grossed a total of $60,456 domestically.  To give you an idea of how small that number is, another limited-distribution movie, “Juno,” which is in just seven theaters, earned $56,107 last Thursday alone.  An actual hit, “Beowulf,” which has been in theaters, 3,249 of them, for exactly as long as “Redacted,” earned $667,337 last Thursday – and $75,983,000 domestically so far.


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