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There Is a God

Via Eursoc:

A group of 24 clergymen marching to raise awareness about global warming walked into a snowstorm this weekend …The march was planned well before weather forecasts predicted heavy snow storms for its duration, but the protestors, led by Rev. Fred Small of the First Church Unitarian in Littleton, battled on regardless. At one stage, AP reports, the group trudged eight miles through deep snow. Luckily, volunteers were on hand with bowls of lentil & minestrone soup in Amherst following the hike – and a bracing session of hymn singing (“Keep on walking forward, never turning back”) kept spirits up.

Yes, yes, I *know* that the occasional snowstorm doesn’t really mean anything one way or the other, but the delightful combination of sanctimony, absurdity, mad determination and lentil soup made this the story of the day for me. Thank you, Lord.

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