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There Goes McCain-Clinton 2008

Hillary Clinton Statement On Senator McCain’s Speech

It’s hard to take lectures on economic policy from Senator McCain, who has admitted he doesn’t understand economics, and who thinks the right way to fix or ailing economy is to embrace George Bush’s failed economic strategy. Senator McCain and President Bush are like two sides of the same coin – and it doesn’t amount to a whole lot of change.

Senator McCain sees an economy that is failing middle class families and thinks the answer is more tax cuts for the wealthy and well connected. His plan would give $100 billion in new tax cuts to America’s most profitable corporations, including $4 billion to the major oil companies and $2 billion to top health insurance companies.

Senator McCain sees an economy that has lost more than 3 million manufacturing jobs and $1000 in income for the typical household, and thinks the answer is four more years of George Bush’s failed trade policies. His plan will turn its back on sensible labor and environmental standards and allow countries like China to continue breaking trade rules and put our workers at a competitive disadvantage.

My economic plan will make a clean break from the failed Bush policies to put American families and American workers first again. I will provide more than $100 billion in middle class tax cuts to help families pay for college, healthcare and save for retirement. I will not raise taxes by a single penny on anyone making less than $250,000 dollars a year – that includes income taxes, capital gains and dividends taxes, and payroll taxes. And I will put in place a new pro-American trade policy that levels the playing field for our workers and ensures that all of our trading partners play by the rules. American families need a champion in the White House again, and as President, I will fight hard every day to make the economy work for all Americans.


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