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‘There Is No Training to Prevent This From Happening’

That was the Planned Parenthood company line last week, on CNN:

And just yesterday, People for the American Way was describing the Live Action work as “discredited” “Hoax Videos.”

And while at least one clinic worker has been fired, a twentysomething is under attack — by a profit-making billion-dollar organization that receives taxpayer funding — for creating the videos. And while Planned Parenthood insists everything has been done by the book — well save in New Jersey, they do admit – questions have been raised by more than Live Action. 

But today we learn that Planned Parenthood will be providing training so that Planned Parenthood workers don’t actually aid and abet sex trafficking. 

I wish Planned Parenthood well in doing that. But given the mixed messages, and the history and reality of the organization — a reality that’s becoming ever more clear on these videos — there is reason to be skeptical. Live Action president Lila Rose calls it “window dressing.”


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