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There’s Always Putin?

When watching some of the clips from the demonstrators in Denver, I noticed that all the “No Blood for Oil” placards of yesteryear and the assorted anti-Iraq war signs have been replaced by several “No War in Iran” types. Not even a ’suspension of disbelief’ or “General Betray Us” slogan. Similarly in recent years, as I drove along Shaw Avenue in Fresno, I’ve noticed all sorts of Iraq war protests, then suddenly, almost on cue, the accustomed crowd brought out about a month ago a new batch of preemptory “No War in Iran” signs. It’s eerie, almost like the old Soviet “Hands off Germany” signs in 1939, suddenly replaced by “Stop the fascist warmonger Hitler” in 1941.

Apparently, by silent admission the Iraq War is now over, and without a new one in Iran, there is a sort of protest limbo, as 1960s souls circle aimlessly in search of an anti-war cause.

So why not Georgia and “fascist” Russian aggression?


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