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There’s No Inevitable in Politics

Now we have a campaign and a race! There is no putative front-runner. Each of the major candidates has won a state. There was a lot of “inevitable” talk only a couple weeks ago. It’s a good thing such talk was wrong. Then, Bill Kristol had pointed out on Fox News the folly of two states’ having voted and “everyone else is supposed to go, ‘Oh, sorry, we have to go home.’” He got some heat for that but he was right — now we know it wasn’t even two states (since Santorum won Iowa). The party deserves this race as it is cast now, and if it goes on a bit longer, so much the better. We have the worst foreign- and defense- and domestic-policy president in recent memory and we should not rush into picking our best bet against him. Sure, we’ve had umpteen debates, but we are still learning the vulnerabilities and strengths of the remaining candidates by the day, each of whom has certain attractions that have grown and deficits that have become more pronounced. And the next two debates will be more telling yet. We shouldn’t coronate in America, and when we do, we largely regret it. Whoever is best to take on Obama, let some more states and tough campaigning decide that — not just the money and not just the media and not just the endorsements. It all, at long last, pretty much starts now.


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